Heracleia Human-Centered Computing Laboratory is hosted in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Texas at Arlington. The Heracleia Lab is a research laboratory specializing in medical imaging, bioinformatics, sensor networks, and collaboration systems.

The lab has an extensive complement of Macintosh, UNIX/Linux, and Microsoft Windows computing equipment for support of its research projets.

Past and ongoing research projects include applications that incorporate cooperative elements from several other academic departments, including Psychiatry (at the Dartmouth Medical School), Music, and History. This gives the lab access to the perspectives of various experts and non-technical computer users, which has helped to expand knowledge in user interface design and end-user understanding. Students who have worked in the lab range from first year undergraduates to advanced graduate students.

*HERACLEIA was in antiquity a thriving outpost of Hellenic culture south of the Black Sea. We chose this name to symbolize an imaginative world where technologies are at the service of humans with a focus on those that need special help, thus bringing out the human side of technology.

Heracleia Human-Centered Computing Laboratory