Heracleia Human-Centered Computing Laboratory
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Senior Design Project

June. 2008
Assistant Instructor: Zhengyi Le
CSE 4316

Project Title
Design Assistive Robot with Remote Sever Control

Team Members
Brian Edgar, David Castellanos, Kyle Witt, Raul Sieberath Jr, Ryan Wilson

Project Description
This project will produce the following items: Mobile Robot, Base Station, Top Storage and Loader, High Quality Camera Top, Infrared Camera Top, Infrared Thermometer Top, Bioloid Software Controller, Bioloid Software GUI. The Bioloid System will be deployed to a simulated assisted living apartment located inside the Heracleia Lab in Nedderman Hall. The Bioloid System will have a Mobile Robot that operates in two modes: Remote Controlled and Autonomous Task. Moreover, the Mobile Robot will have the capacity to carry, supply energy for, and interface with different kinds of tops. These tops have specialized instruments on them. There will be three tops: a high quality camera with capacity to turn 360 degrees and raise 3 feet from the floor level, infrared camera with capacity to turn 360 degrees and raise 3 feet from the floor level, and an infrared thermometer with vertical pivoting up to 90 degrees from its base board. In Remote Controlled mode, the user will be able to load and unload tops while the Mobile Robot is in the Base Station; to leave the Base Station and command the Mobile Robot to move within the preset boundaries; to control the current loaded Top and record its input; to record its activities as a task to be executed autonomously at scheduled times; and to schedule a previously recorded task. If, after a remote controlled session the Mobile Robot is not parked in the Base Station, the Mobile Robot will attempt to return to the Base Station (because of the current research nature of navigational and position algorithms, human intervention may be necessary to reposition the Mobile Robot in the Base Station). In Autonomous Task mode, the Mobile Robot will receive commands from the Bioloid Software to perform a previously recorded task. All tasks will return the Mobile Robot to the Base Station. Moreover, the Base Station will recharge the Mobile Robot while it is docked.

Project Demo

Assistive Robot Demo (Click the image for video)