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Senior Design Project

CSE 4316
Course Instructor: Mike O´Dell
Link to CSE 4316: http://ranger.uta.edu/~odell/

Project Title
Train Noise Analyzer for Environmental Assistance

Team Members
Tauseef Farooq (Team Lead), Sam Rakaba, Scott Steffen

Project Description

This Project originated from the Grand Prairie Home Owners Association to measure and analyzes the nearby Train Noise that passes through their community. The Train horn noise shall be captured from an outdoor and indoor location. The Train noise data captured shall be analyzed and compared to the City ordinance noise pollution regulation.

The purpose of this project is to develop a product that should record and analyze the noise levels from train whistle. The product consists of two stations: a Recording station and an Analysis station.

The Recording station shall have a digital recording unit with a capacity to record approximately over 48 hours. This Device should have an external microphone.

The Analysis station will consist of a computer with a software application developed to interpret the data collected. It will analyze the Sound File acquired from the recording station for noise levels. Then it will generate reports with graphs that would compare the data with that of the city noise ordinance and generate a noise level report.

Equipment Information
2 x Zoom H4 Handy Recorder
1 x Laptop

Project Demos

1. Train Crossings

2. Action Shot of Recorder Station with Analysis Station

3. Action Shot of Recorder Station with Analysis Station

4. Actual software screenshot

5. Recording Station at Location

6. Recording Station at Location