ZPLAY: ZPLAY: An Interactive User Interface System for Alzheimer's Intervention

Project Description

Alzheimer's Disease (AD) is a neurological affliction that impacts primarily the aged due to brain tissue deterioration. It has been shown that this deterioration can be slowed down by engaging the person with daily interactive activities that include gaming, social interaction, memory exercises and physical activity. The purpose of this project is to develop a game-based user interface system which is designed to be web-based and to provide intervention therapy for AD. ZPLAY has two versions: the @lab version which is designed for diagnosis and used to measure different brain activation responses of AD and the @home version which is used to promote subject engagement and rehabilitation in a home environment in-between visits to the clinic.

ZPLAY System Framework

Sample Game: Flip 'N Match

Click the card to flip it over, flip two idental cards to find a match. The purpose to find all matches in thortest time.

Flip 'N Match Game